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Tour Transport & Management

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Gigs are the melting pot where the connections are made which allow the music industry to thrive, and where bands meet the people who might just be the key to the next rung of the ladder in their careers.

As part of your touring crew, be that as driver, sound engineer, tour manager, merchandise seller or a combination of all four, I provide much more than simply transport from A to B or someone to sell T-shirts! You get someone who knows what it takes to make a run of shows go smoothly and how each of the different roles I can play interact with you, the other bands on the bill and the venue staff to ensure successful shows for everyone.


Driver with Van
A 2008 Mercedes Vito 115 CDI van can transport myself and up to 4 passengers from gig to gig in comfort with plenty of space for a full backline and merchandise. The compact size and modern 2.2l engine make it a real fuel saver on long journeys.

I hold a full UK drivers license with no endorsements, RAC breakdown cover and fully comprehensive insurance.

Live Sound Engineer
I have been the in-house engineer at a busy venue for several years, as well as having experience of using various different consoles, and plenty of experience with outboard gear of all types.

Having been on the opposite side of the relationship many times, I'm very aware of how to approach and work alongside the in-house engineer at a venue to produce the best possible show.

Tour manager
Touring is great fun, but it requires hard work. As your tour manager, I will take charge of all the frustrating timetabling and liaising work, leaving you free to concentrate on what's important - giving the crowd 110% every night. This includes:

  • Arrange travel, load-in, soundcheck and stage times

  • Managment of tour finances and receipt of fees and guarantees

  • Rider requirements and/or buyout

Merchandise Salesman
We've all had those nights when you just want to sit and have a beer instead of manning the merch!

As well as being a friendly face around the merch table and a helping hand with the roadying side of things, a competent sales person will be of net benefit to your band through increased sales and by keeping track of stock levels, allowing you to predict which lines will run out when, and reorder accordingly.

Prices & Offers

Live Sound Engineering
£125 per show

Tour Management
+£90 per show

+£50 or 10% of sales per show

One-off show within M25 (w/ Van) 
£90 + fuel

One-off show within M25 (w/o Van)
£75 + fuel


Driving day (w/ Van)
£125 + fuel

Driving day (w/o Van)
£90 + fuel

Discounts available for booking multiple services and for tours over 7 days in length.