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A professional and experienced music service catering for the requirements of bands and artists of all styles at an affordable price.


Record, mix and master your next release with Small World, either on location or at Fat Tank Studios, North London.

Small World offers you a wide range of touring services including transport, live sound engineering, tour managing and merchandise sales.

Enhance your songs with bespoke composition, arrangement and session performance - live, in the studio or online.

Bands & Artists worked with

  • Molly Jones & Lee Southall 
    (The Coral) 
  • Random Hand 
  • The Filaments 
  • Crazy Arm
  • Dooks
  • Lay It On The Line 
  • Super Adventure Club
  • Jake & The Jellyfish 
  • Ben Childs (Sonic Boom 6)
  • Joe Tilston (Random Hand) 
  • Robin Leitch (Random Hand) 
  • Captain Hotknives
  • Wisecrack
  • Eat Defeat 
  • The Ramblers 
  • Mike Scott
  • Ed Stones & the BD3 
  • Operator 6
  • The Human Project
  • Sounds of Swami
  • Foxes Faux
  • Tia and the Marias 
  • Revolt
  • Micky Dey